White Oak Township                     



Contact the Township Hall at 517-851-8764.

The Township Hall fax number - 517-851-4898.

Zoning and building permit information - 517-851-1272.

The Township Hall email address is - WhiteOakTwp@fnwusers.com

The Township Clerks email address is - WhiteOakClerk@fnwusers.com

The Township Directories:

White Oak Board of Trustees : Township elected governing body.  

The White Oak Township Board of Trustees meet on the second Monday of each month 7:30 PM at the Township Hall, 1002 S. M-52.  Everyone is welcome!           See Meeting Minutes.

White Oak Planning Commission

White Oak Zoning Board of Appeals

Construction  Board of Appeals

Township Board of Review

White Oak Township Assessor

White Oak Township Park Committee

White Oak Township Inspectors : Zoning, Building, Plumbing, Mechanical, and Electrical.

Zoning Administrator : The White Oak Township Zoning Administrator is the first point of contact for all new construction, address assignment, structural renovation or alteration, zoning issues and questions, or a land division in White Oak Township. Permit forms are available here.